Vice Chancellor's


The University of Punjab is the parent University of all universities of Pakistan. It has maintained its excellence in education, training and research in various fields of arts, social sciences, engineering and technology. The university aims at high standards of quality, education compatible with national needs and comparable to international universities of high repute abroad. It has always attracted talented students coming from all walks of life and regions within its territorial limits and all provinces of Pakistan under the exchange program. The University recognizes an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach to coordinate and cooperative teaching among the various disciplines belonging to different faculties of constituent parts of the University under one umbrella. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is one of the most developed faculties of the University. It has developed since 1917 with a long history of a dedicated and devoted teacher and researchers in various fields of engineering and Technology. The Alumni of this Institution are serving at higher professional positions in industrial/research organizations and universities at home and abroad. The Faculty comprises of Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, College of Engineering and Emerging Technologies, Institute of Quality & Technology Management, Centre for Coal Technology and Department of Textile Engineering, which offer various engineering courses at the graduate and post-graduate level. Engineering Research Division is operative to carry out research and development activity in all the disciplines under the Faculty. The University is committed to providing the best possible facilities in terms of Faculty staff, laboratories, libraries and environment of R & D activities leading to higher degrees. I hope that the talented candidates will be joining the engineering degree courses with a strong commitment to keep up the tradition of this Institution and help maintain the flag of the University high in the sky.