In order to meet the challenges of globalization in the world’s economy and of the 21st century, in 2002, University of Punjab decided to start a Quality Management Division to help the industry to produce goods and services which are acceptable all over the globe. Courses offered at the Institute of Quality & Technology Management are B.Sc. (Engg) Industrial Engineering, M.S. Total Quality Management, M.S. Industrial Engineering, M.Sc. Quality & Performance Management and PhD in Total Quality Management.  These courses have been designed for students and professionals with the objective to prepare them for administrative and technical positions in business organizations. B.Sc. (Engg) Industrial Engineering is a four years program and was launched in the year 2006.  The Institute is in contact with the corporate world for extensive absorption of its graduates in vital business sectors. Two scholars have completed their PhD degrees from the Institute since its inception.  These are first-ever PhD degrees awarded in any of the academic institutions of Pakistan in the subject of Total Quality Management. Institute plans to be a Centre of Excellence in Total Quality Management and Industrial Engineering.  These goals would be achieved by focusing and concentrating efforts on research and development. The future plan is to have sustainable growth in the field of Quality and Technology Management and offer consultancy services to industry and business sectors at minimal costs and to provide career development service to our student.